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Thomas Stangeland has been crafting fine furniture for more than 15 years. Recently, he was commissioned to furnish the Greene & Greene Presidential and Vice-Presidential suites at Disney's new Grand Californian Hotel. His work has also been featured in news articles and magazines. Tom Stangeland lives in Seattle with his wife, poet Joannie Kervran Stangeland, and their three children.

Tom began to make things when he was a child, building and flying model airplanes before turning to furniture. When he was 18, Tom headed to Seattle, where he earned a degree in history from the University of Washington, and also worked as a dinner chef in a popular Seattle restaurant. Tom sees a very clear connection between crafting a fine chair and making a good meal: start with the best ingredients, the finest wood.

Tom studied woodworking with master furniture builder/designer Emmet Day. What started as an odd job-a way to earn extra money on a remodeling project-evolved into a woodworking apprenticeship. In 1984, Tom took his four-year-old son, Jamie, to Normandy, where he renovated a 16th-century Normandy manor house. When he returned to the states, he resumed his apprenticeship with Emmet Day until 1988, working primarily with the clean curves and sumptuous details of the Art Deco style.

In 1991, someone handed Tom a photo of the Blacker House arm chair, and asked whether he would be able to make one like it. "If I can make that chair," Tom replied, "I can make any chair." That was Tom's introduction to the Greene & Greene style of the Arts & Crafts Movement, and his enthusiasm for the movement's philosophies and craft has strengthened through the years. From that first piece based on the Blacker House chair, Tom has expanded his interpretation of the style, designing furniture that speaks to the language of Greene & Greene while making an individual statement.

Each piece is crafted with unswerving attention to details-the joinery, the inlays, and the finish. Tom believes that a table should be able to seat a family, and that a chair must be not only aesthetically pleasing, but comfortable and built to last.

Over the years, Tom has trained 10 apprentices. He is a member/owner of Northwest Fine Woodworking (NWFWW) and a member of Northwest Designer Craftsman, a juried crafts organization. He participated in the founding Conference of Woodworkers Alliance for Rain Forest Protection (WARP). He also wrote the rain-forest policy for NWFWW and organized the first rain-forest-safe show. Tom has also served as a lecturer at the Historic Seattle Bungalow Home Show, and Bellevue and Seattle Central community colleges.


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